TODAY I AM......

.....CLEANING MY ROOM!! yes it is such a mess its annoying me. i don't tend to clean my room often i think most teenage girls bedrooms are a tip. clothes all over the place, work, sweet wrappers, makeup, hair products, you get my point.

So tonight my friends are coming round so it shall be cleaned. but to be honest it was driving me mad its just getting up and cleaning it that's the problem... lets just face it im miss lazy.


Every now and again i will get up and organise my makeup and bedside cabinets and just quickly go round me room but spring cleaning it urg! i don't have the time and i just can't be bothered but i love the look of my room when its nice and clean. I do now anyway. Before i painted my room and got my new wardrobes and draws it looked stupid clean or messy so it didn't bothered but now i know that when my room is clean it looks nice and organised, which for once in my life it is, well apart from under my bed that's just got so many cardboard boxes under it just impossible to organise it. so on to the point. i went to Ikea last year and bought so storage things for draws but i didn't buy many and not all the same size. but it works and looks tidy. sort of. 
It doesn't help that i had about 5 hours sleep last night. I like going bed early, i am a morning girl, hate sleeping  past half 10. So i go bed at about half 9 10ish but don't fall asleep till half 10 i watch what ever was on record that night then go sleep. but last night i fell asleep at about 20 to 11 and at half 1 i woke up. Could NOT get to sleep. so i watched TV for an hour and another hour and another and before i knew it it was half 5 urg! so i turned my TV OFF and tried to go back to sleep.....NOPE it was until about half 6ish that i feel asleep. AND THEN......i woke up at half 8 but im wide awake but its annoying that i have had no sleep so im going to be so tired tonight and falling asleep on my friends...god im babbling now.
Tomorrow though i am finally going holiday clothes shopping with my friends the only pay day i get to buy clothes for my jollys. Can't wait. EXCITED. I shall let you know how i go on. and also i got a package yesterday..but you'll have to wait until i post it to know what it was. have a good friday.



  1. Nobody's bedroom is as bad as your's Sarah!!

  2. Your room sounds like mine!!!


  3. Good luck!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!