MUA @ Superdrug swatches.

So i went to Superdrug today and i just had to see the MUA stand and i was looking everywhere for it couldnt find it so i gave up then when i was looking for the gosh offer (that wasnt on at my superdrug may i add ) and i looked up and it was on a shelf hmm. okay. so i grabbed the best looking eyeshadows didnt bother swatching them their only a pound so i didnt expect them to be that good.
any who im babbling.
Before i start with the swatches look what my little sister did. now when i say little i mean shes 14 and steals every bit of makeup i have. i had this blush for an hour she picked it up then threw it on my laptop......

sad times i didnt like it anyway it wasnt any good.

so on to the eyeshadows.

so here are my 6 e/s

from left to right shade 11, shade 18, shade 8, shade 20

on the left shade 16, right shade 1.

okay so look at 16 its flaky eww its the only one that does this so i think this will get lost at the back of a draw. (oh well ive just dropped it on the floor, well it stood through the dropping it test anyway thats a plus) shade 1 will be a really nice highlighter.
i do really like the pigmentation of the colours i didnt really expect that for a pound really. i think its the matte colours that we will have problems with shade 11 is matte and i had to layer that on to get that colour.

okay so after this im going to post the swatches for dollymix then tomorrow i will post swatches for the famous eyeshadows. 

happy may day. 


  1. Erm is that taupe one not mine?!

  2. Wow, these seem really great for only 1 pound each! :)

  3. wow now i wish i could get a hold of those lol nice swatches too
    also i was barely able to log on and message you sorry about that idk if you read the message though