Bloggers Event. Aussie To The Rescue.

(some of these pictures were taken from Aussie's Flicker the rest are my own pictures)

On Wednesday night Emma and Lisa from Aussie invited me to an event. of which i am so grateful for them invited me as i had a great night. Meeting fellow bloggers i think i was the youngest there. anyway. the penthouse  of which the event was held was very beautiful i just wanted to live there, although the view made me abit queasy. So anyway back to the event.

 The Aussie philosophy is "There's more to life than hair - but it's a good place to start"
and Wednesday night was Aussie's first "Aussie to the rescue" event and it was held in the penthouse suite at the Light Boutique Hotel, Manchester. Me, my sister and a few other bloggers attended the fabulous event. and was helped my Stevey the stylist, he really did save my life last night and got who i was straight away. Cassie the Makeup Artist and Amber the hairstylist sadly i didn't get chance to visit Amber my mum was waiting outside for me and my sister. 
Cassie used Maxfactor Products as the event was sponsored by them. It sort of opened my eyes a little bit with their products all i have bought from them before was powder and false lash effect mascara. Cassie used Second skin foundation on me i thought the colour was a tiny bit too dark for my skin colour as i like to be pale but i was willing to try anything. the foundation on the other hand was beautiful i will be defiantly picking my self one up :D the blush she used was so pretty unfortunately i didn't get the name of that one.  

My drink was constantly being topped up my the AMAZING bar tender Ian. His cocktails were very Yummy and More-ish. Emma and Lisa did a fab job at hosting this event and they didn't let us leave without our goody bags that had everything i was looking for including a good hold hairspray and a volume and gloss hairspray and a heat protector and a few Maxfactor goodies. Thank you Aussie for this opportunity i had a great time and you really did rescue me from my fashion issues. 

I shall be reviewing these products as i use them more. keep a look out for the post.
Okay so i shall show you a few pictures. sorry about the view pictures but i have lived in Manchester my whole life and i am in the city centre every 2 weeks and i have never seen it from that height. 

(my sister having her makeup done by Cassie)
Yummy desserts 

Thank You again Aussie i had a brilliant night and learnt ALOT. xxxx 


  1. Looks like you had a great night!

    Lisa xx

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