in the kitchen with sarah day 2

So all my friends at work were begging me to make peanut butter cakes for them, so of course i had to make them.

I've never made them before and the only peanut butter ive ever tried is from resse's pieces (Yum) so i was so worried then wouldn't taste nice. i think i searched for hours on end to find a perfect recipe for me to use but they all came up with so many different ones that i just took the basics and put them into one. i scooped my batter out in the cases put them in the over for 15mins and listened to my jamie oliver egg timer app click away. i started to think what on earth shall i use as frosting, so i looked through the cupboards and couldn't find anything, i decided to see what they had at the shop and low and behold Nutella. easiest thing that wouldn't take too much attention away from the peanut butteryness. jamie oliver rang and i poped the cakes out the oven, they smelt amazing and had risen well.

after i let them cool i put the nutella on and itched to try one.

They were a little bit dry but i expected that because they do tend to be dry. the nutella soon took the dry taste away and it just tasted like peanut buttery heaven really. im glad i chose nutella cause it made the cake taste about 10x better than what it would of been plain, which was what i was going to go with.

So there you go you need to try these if your a peanut butter fan. Yum




  1. Oh, they look gorgeous !! Do you have a recipe ?