Woo! i've got a new laptop i'm so happy i didn't think i would last for 2/4 weeks without one.
 i LOVE it. its beautiful and its name is LAPPY. named by my mum.
any way. some post should be coming your way sometime soon.
i came back from Ibiza 3 weeks ago and ever since i have been working like crazy to have money i honestly do not know where my money is going i haven't bought makeup for about 3/4 months now so i think i have a hole in my bank. Today was my only day off and i spent the day playing on some annoying game on facebook called qilox its so addictive and downloading adobe creative suite so i could design a new header. i have one up now but I'm going to make it bigger tomorrow unless you guys think it looks alright?

my next day off is Friday now :( i will try my hardest to make a post i promise.

before i go i realised the other day that i put MIM at the bottom of my post and never explained it to you.

my url is make it makeup and my blog being named makeup is my boyfriend.
when i was thinking of a user name for MAF i came up with make it makeup and in my head i abbreviated it MIM until someone called me MIM i was so excited someone called me that i didn't think i could pull it off.
so basically i am known as MIM with a blog named makeup is my boyfriend
Does that make any sense i hope it does.

i shall be posting about the Aussie aussome volume tribe event i attended on Thursday here is a little sneak peak at what will be coming up in the post

Good Night/ Good Day where ever in the world you are.

MIM xx