A Package? ....For Me?

The usual sorry for the lack of post.

So the other day i was in work and my brother told me i had a package at home and i was trying to think for a good hour or so what it was.....then my sister @ http://all-that-glitters-and-sparkles.blogspot.com/ txt me asking if my xen tan stuff have arrived that they very kindly sent to me to try out. so i got all excited when i finished work as you can imagine.
As soon as i got home i grabbed the box off my bed and opened it :D

and a quick swatch of the bronzer (which i LOVE)

So i haven't had a play around with the self tanner yet as i have nowhere to go. but i have used the bronzer and its the best bronzer i have ever used im not just saying that because i got it for free because i like to tell people the truth if i don't like it i will say so, but i do like it. i don't use it often because im not a "bronzer" type person but when its sunny i will just quickly put this on the colour is pretty and not much iridescence which is one main reasons i don't like bronzers i have plenty that is like 70% glitter and 30%bronzer which i suppose that's what bronzer is . 
As soon as i have tried it i will post asap. 


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  1. hey girlie, just stumbled upon your blog, what a good name - made me smile! :) have hit follow now.

    I also got a couple of gorgeous goodies sent from xen tan - I've never fake tanned before so going to give it a wee go for going out next weekend, fingers crossed!

    feel free to come over for a peep too if you fancy.

    ann x