Sooooo Sorry!

I really am. I wouldnt say i've been MAD busy but i have been. working 5 days aweek and on my days off im either out with my friends or making the most of having an a day to myself and just watching tv being lazy. this month has been what i call the "Lost" month only because im gonna put it behind me....not a very good start to the year :(. but thats is all hopefully going to change....i've booked my first holiday that im paying for and going with no parents im going to Ibzia with my friend from work....so excited. and also im saving up for a car and also for driving lessons sp basicaly every bit of money i get is going on these so i have no room for buying makeup.....im devastated but i will all be worth it. :] the last thing i bought was Chanel pro lumier OMG i cant spell the thing too much of an effort to get up. the next thing i WILL buy is the alice in wonderland urban decay palette and yes i AM booking the day off work that day it comes out. so i did take Lots of pictures over christmas, new year and what not but my card broke i can look at the pictures on my camera just cant put them on my laptop :( so i will try and catch up but dont hold me on that....you know what im like. okay so ive got another post coming up...if i do them all in the seperately i will NEVER do them..

xx MIM

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