FACE WEEK: Garnier soft essentials soothing toner.

Now i don't really know what toner actually is. It says on the bottle "a toner is ideal as a daily way to hydrate and soften dry and sensitive skin for a beautiful complexion that lookes fresh and radiant."
How does it work?
"Every day, the rose water and pro vitamin B5 enriched formular removes any remaining impurities whilst respecting delicate skin"

Right well i suppose it has given me nicer cleaner skin. i have been using this for about 6 months.
I use this toner when ever i don't have makeup on and/or when i feel my skin needs a good cleanse.
I love the smell of this its gorgeous which i suppose is a plus.

After i use it my skin feels so much cleaner. 
when i know i'm going to have a long day before i moisturise and what not i wipe this all over my face and put my hairdryer on the lowest heat and dry it into my skin. i also do this with MAC's fix+ which is kind of like the same thing. 
i find my skin feels cleaner for longer. 
I also don't need much on the cotton pad it spreads really well. i suppose it is water really.


thanks for Reading

MIM xx


  1. lucky you! i cant put on toner, my face just secretes oil the next day leaving it oily and yucky :(


  2. I don't know what toner is either, but I still use it! It does make me feel more 'fresh' but I dont know about any physical benefits

  3. @jamie k have you tried a dry skin one this one is and it doesn't make my face oily at all. :D